Company History

CooverGroup began in 1998 when the founding members made contact and realized the opportunity for a unique and successful business. The company officially opened its doors for business in July of 2004, headquartered in Ames, Iowa. Since then it has grown to serve clients in a number of different geographic regions.

The name CooverGroup has a story of its own. The college years of the founding members were spent at Iowa State University, where the idea for CooverGroup spawned. As it happens these three individuals had a strong attachment to their dormitory floor, which was named Coover. They thought, as they pursued their aspirations of starting a successful business, it would be appropriate to honor the floor’s memory (demolished July, 2005) by incorporating it into the business. Thus, CooverGroup was born.

Since then, the team at CooverGroup has used their diverse backgrounds and educations to put together an outstanding offering of services for small business clients. They continue to provide the best possible service and personal attention, unmatched by any other company in the business.